Re: What is that SMELL?
Posted by Gary Swart on September 14, 2002 at 11:30:42:
In response to Re: What is that SMELL?
From you description, I'd say the washer is connected to the drain without a pee trap. What you're smelling is sewer gas. Unpleasant and dangerous. A pee trap is not rocket science to install especially if the drain is plastic pipe. A pee trap is the "U" shaped part of a drain. Look under any sink. They can be pretty chrome plated, white or black plastic, even cast iron. The material makes no difference. You will notice that the water comes into the trap, fill the "U" before it goes into the main drain. This "U" remains full of water and forms a seal to prevent the sewer gas from come further up the drain. The water will drain just fine without a trap, so one might not realize there is a problem until you smell the sewer.

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