Re: Can not get snake to go through Tub drain
Posted by Gary Swart on September 14, 2002 at 11:13:47:
In response to Re: Can not get snake to go through Tub drain
Ben, you're problem with the snake is the pee trap. Look under your kitchen sink. That "U" shaped piece of drain pipe is the pee trap. All drains have to have one. A toilet's trap is built into the toilet body, everything else has an external trap. It's just too tight of a bend for your snake to make.

The most like problem with a tub/shower drain is soap and hair build-up. I've had good luck with mine using a drain opener like Liquid Plumr. Might take a couple of applications. Follow the label directions, let it awhile work before flushing. Unless the trap is encased in a concrete slab, you could go under the house and remove the trap and clean it out, but the cleaner juice is quicker and easier plus will clean the rest of the drain as well.

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