Re: No Hot Water to any outlet in the house
Posted by Gary Swart on September 13, 2002 at 13:22:21:
In response to Re: No Hot Water to any outlet in the house
Forgive me for asking a very simple question, but have you checked the valve on the outlet side of the tank? It must be on to pass water into the pipes. If it is on, turn it off, disconnect it and gently open it a crack. If water doesn't flow, then turn off the supply line, remove the valve, and try again to see if water flows. If it does, replace the valve. If not, the problem is inside the tank. Note it said "gently open the valves". If you open them too much, you could get wet and make a mess. Of course you could always put a hose adaptor on the line, but all you really need to do is see if any water will come through at that particular point, not measure GPM.

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