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Posted by hj on September 13, 2002 at 08:44:55:
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The rule for Monoflo tees, (whether one or two), is that there has to be enough separation between the feed and return for a radiator to create sufficient resistance to force circulation through the radiator. The addition of the ell, I presume between the feed and return, should only add to the resistance and help the cirulation. Since it does not there is an additional factor at work here and it cannot be solved without onsite investigation or more data regarding the piping from the main to the radiator and back.
: I have a question about the placement of monoflow tee's but not the standard one on whether to use the supply or return side.

: First off, I the house (two floors plus basement)was originally one zone first and second floor). All eleven radiators were served by a 1 1/4" black pipe loop and monoflow tee's. Many years ago the second floor (four radiators) was split off onto it's own loop, served by 3/4" copper. As this loop was running around the basement below the steel beams, too low to put above a drop ceiling, I removed everything and repiped all.

: The first floor is now 1" copper and the second floor is still 3/4" copper. In two of the areas where the loop went above the beams, I placed a "radiator vent" to bleed any trapped air. Here comes the big question.

: In one of the areas where the loops were coming back down from going over a beam, there were radiators connecting to the loop. Therefore, I would not need to place a vent to bleed out that section of the loop. In theory, any trapped air would simply go up to the radiator. The only problem is, the monoflow is palced about two inches from the 90� elbow, which brings the loop back down to the same level as the rest of the basement.

: Is there a rule as to how far a monoflow should be places before a change in pipe direction? The 1" loop has a radiator less then a foot above the monoflow tee and then makes a 90� turn. The heat works fine in that room. The 3/4" loop has the radiator in question (second floor) and I can't get heat. I only get hot water traveling up to that radiator if I open the bleed, thereby pulling the hot water up.

: I hope I have painted a clear picture of the system and if the placement of the MFT is ok or has to be moved.

: Thanks

: Bill

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