Re: Low water pressure
Posted by Bob on September 12, 2002 at 13:42:26:
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Our house was built in the 1970's also and our water pressure had been dropping for several years.

Recently our water pressure regulator started to leak so I replaced it.

When I pulled off the old one there was a substantial amount off blockage that collected right in front of the regulator.
(I'm not quite sure what this stuff was but it was hard and stuck firmly to the cast iron pipe walls.

I cleaned this out and our water pressure jumped substantially.

So that might be worth checking.


: We just moved into a home that was built in 1978. Our water pressure is extremely low. Any idea what maybe the problem? Our cold water is just as low or lower than our hot water. Our heater is an electric one that shows to be installed in 1978. I am open to suggestions that would increase my water pressure throughout our home.

: Thanks

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