Toto Ultramax in Current Consumer Reports: Disappointing Performance?
Posted by Bob on September 12, 2002 at 12:06:49:
I noticed that the Toto Ultramax didn't do so well in the toilet tests in Consumer Reports latest issue.

The Ultramax was listed in the group that didn't clear solids too well.

The Toto Carlyle was listed as the best of the gravity flush models but below many vacuum and pressure
assist toilets.

I was somewhat surprised at the results since the Ultramax is so highly recommended both in Terry's report
and on this forum and others.

Could it be that the artificial solid wastes used by Cunsumer Reports do not accurately model the real thing?

FWIW, I bought a Toto "Ultimate" and it has been working wonderfully. It has yet to clog where the old
Mansfield No 160 it replaced clogged frequently. (We kept a plunger next to that one.)

Thoughts or comments?