Re: Replacing Old Plumbing
Posted by Gary Swart on September 12, 2002 at 01:05:47:
In response to Re: Replacing Old Plumbing
I don't quite follow your question about removing the steel pipe from the cast iron, but I think I understand what you want to do. To remove the old steel and/or cast iron pipe, the easiest way it to cut it with 7" grinder from a rental company. Caution: These suckers are powerful and if the get hung up in the kerf, they will rip out of your hand and can deal you a terrible whack. It is also a dirty job. Cast iron is very heavy, so if you are removing the vent stack, be very sure to clamp it well so that it doesn't suddenly fall. To attach PVC to the remaining line, you can use a Fernco coupler. These are neophrene sleeves with clamps on both ends. They come in straight sleeves and elbows that I know of, and perhaps other shapes.

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