Re: Need Proffessional advice about Tub Chaeck Valve????:)))
Posted by hj on September 10, 2002 at 08:00:29:
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If it is the second floor causing the problem, then the drain line is partially obstructed or the drain line was installed wrong. If it is an installation problem it would have happened from the time the building was occupied and there is no good solution. Try snaking the drain and see if that cures the problem.

: Hi,

: I live in the bottom floor of an apartment building... and when someone runs the washer from the second floor about 2 gallons of wash water rush into my bath tub. The water even comes out of the overflow:) How can i prevent this from happening? Would it be a good idea to use a check valve? What type of check valve would you recommend? Would the Check Valve go in front of or behind the p trap? Would it help to put a larger p-trap in? Do you know of any other methods to fix this problem?:) Thanks so much for the advice, Mr. Love. Thanks and take care:) Joshua

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