Re: Craftsman 40/60 shallow well pump
Posted by Quality Water Associates on September 09, 2002 at 15:19:05:
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: I have a shallow well pump and bladder tank, which I installed 2 years ago. It has not been used in 6 months. I fired it up yesterday and now there is very low water pressure and the pump won't turn off (I have to turn off the switch). The pressure in the tank is ok, but the pressure on the pump only gets to 22psi - cut-off is at 60psi. Cut-in is 40psi. As best as I can tell everything appears to in order, I've checked the pressure switch and it is where it should be. What do I do now? Thank you in advance.

Did you check the pump for full prime? If not make sure the wet end is full of water. You could have a blocked inlet screen to the pump, or a collapased/restricted line from the water source. That is assuming the voltage is correct to the pump. Check that both sets of points are closing on the pressure switch and that if it's using 240v that both circuit breakers are closed if using two. Any air in the water at the fixtures? If so the prime is not full or you have a suction leak allowing air into the line. If you lost prime you have a leak somewhere, and I'd suspect the foot valve.

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