Re: Leaking Water Heater
Posted by hj on September 09, 2002 at 14:23:58:
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The possibility of it being condensation is so small as to not be a consideration. The only places that can leak and also be repaired, are the pipes connected at the top of the heater, the elements where they screw into the tank, the drain valve, and the safety valve where it is attached to the tank. if none of these is the source of the moisture, the probablility is that the tank needs to be replaced.

: My water heater is 6 years old. We've noticed some water pooling underneath it. We've checked the pipes leading into it, we've checked the heater for sweating and there's no problem there. However, underneath the unit, it is wet to the touch. Could this be just condensation? Or is this symptomatic of a leaking water heater?

: Thanks so much.

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