Re: How can I fix our Gerber Flushmates?
Posted by Bpollen on September 08, 2002 at 08:07:48:
In response to Re: How can I fix our Gerber Flushmates?
Plumbers in my area or more than 3 times that handyman's rate of $35/hr. I last called a plumber a couple of weeks was $72 for one-half hour. Their rate is over $100 per hour. If add'l parts need to be added to a toilet to make it work properly, then I say the toilet doesn't work as sold. I would call Gerber (is there a toll free number?) or write or e-mail them, and I would expect them to have the parts added at no charge to you, or replace them with properly working toilets. I bet their ads didn't say, "Hey, even though you're paying $400 for this toilet, you may have to pay several hundred dollars more to have parts added to make it work properly."

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