Combi-boiler and heating
Posted by Jim on September 07, 2002 at 18:14:30:
I have a combi system. I'm wondering to what extent the central heating system should heat up when using the hot water.

I recently had a plumber in to fix my boiler, as the pipes leading from it were making very painful banging noises, and making the boiler go to 'lock out'. The plumber changed the pump and automatic outlet valve as the boiler was overheating.

Now, just after I finish having a shower, the hot water remaining in the pipes seems to move itself into the radiator closest to the boiler. It gets properly hot, and so isn't just a conduction of heat issue.

I'm worried that my boiler heats up the water too much (as water is always piping hot) and for some reason is getting to places where it shouldn't. I thought the two systems were distinct?...

The radiator valves are open, as I'm paranoid about the painful pipe noises returning if I close them, and the hot water has nowhere to go. It might 'overheat' the boiler again!


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