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Posted by Rob on September 07, 2002 at 11:32:59:
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Thanks for the reply. My understanding is that there was no "preventative provision" in the class action settlement. IOW, no leak, no replacement. Short of "initiating" my own leak and then blaming it on the PB, I don't see how I could have had it replaced under terms of the settlement.

On another note, someone (not a plumber), told me there may be an alternative to digging a trench from the meter to the house. The yard line appears to run in a straight line from the meter to the basement. He suggested that a hole could be dug at the meter and then somehow a horizontal bore (from inside the basement toward the meter??)could be made to meet the hole. I'd guess the distance would be about 30'. The copper would then be snaked through the hole somehow, Then the two respective connections could be made, one in the basement and one in the hole.

Have you ever seen this done? Seems like a lot less damage to my lawn, especially considering that the trench would lie within the dripline of a 15-year old maple tree and then uner a sidewalk.

Thanks for the quick reply. I want to be fair, but I don't want to be taken advantage of.

: As an aside, and it is too late for you, but that is why I always suggest that anyone who has it and is still under the replacement parameters to have it changed.

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