"Love" the Toto Drake!
Posted by Mike on September 06, 2002 at 14:18:19:
I want to thank you for all the useful advice that's in your Web Site.
We've had lazy flush problems with two of the three toilets in my house since Day One when we bought it new in 1987. I've checked the vent system, pulled and reinstalled the toilets, ran augers down the drain etc etc. I've come to the conclusion that the drain pipe in the wall may not be pitched enough to assist the siphon characteristics of the original toilets.

Two weeks ago, I began an agressive Web search on toilet performance. I came across your site and liked what you said about the Toto Drake. On the Toto Web site, I was able to locate a dealer here in Salem, NH from whom I ordered the Drake. I installed the Toto Drake toilet last night and am pleased to report it was a total "two-thumbs-up". An incredible night and
day difference between the performance of the original and the Toto. Again,
thank you Terry.

Best Regards,

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