Re: Curbstop for shut off?
Posted by hj on September 05, 2002 at 22:37:52:
In response to Re: Curbstop for shut off?
There is normally a cover secured by a bolt off to one side. It is a city component so call them to reattach the cover. There is a valve down there but you do not have a wrench to turn it, and some water companies take a dim view of people turning it off anyway, since it can be expensive to repair if it is busted. Depending on your area is platted, anything within a certain distance of the street centerline, often 30', is city property.

: Hey, part 2, water meter is in basement, this curbstop thing, should it have a cap on it or what, as of now it just looks like a vertical pipe flush with the grass? What is there a valve down in it or what? This thing is 3 feet from the sidewalk , not in the easement, does that matter to whether or not its a curbstop....

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