Air Gap keeps flooding
Posted by Tim Shepard on September 05, 2002 at 02:50:53:
Every so often, my disposal gets backed up and my air gap spews water all over my countertop, of course this is usually when I am not around to stop it.
Since I am living in a second floor condo, this means that many gallons of water are flooding into my downstairs neighbors kitchen.
In other words, a huge disaster.
I know that air gaps are supposed to direct the overflow into the sink, but the one's I have looked at all do an unbelievably poor job of it, and flood the countertop.
I can't live like this anymore, someone must have been able to solve this problem. I've talked to all the guys at the hardware stores and all I've gotten is some self righteous lectures about garbage disposal etiquette.
Anyone, please help?

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