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Posted by Jim Riehl on September 04, 2002 at 02:39:55:
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: I have a shower in my house, that we added a few years ago, that causes continous water hammering while the shower is in use. The hammering is continous, bam-bam-bam-bam, like a jack hammer. It only started doing this recently, possible when I recently changed our water heater. I have installed a vertical 8" long 3/4" air chamber to both the hot and cold lines but it hasn't helped. Should the chambers be larger? The plumber used QuestPex plumbing, which is like a flexible poly tubing, for the supply to the addition. I installed air chambers about 15 feet away where the Quest ties into the hard pipe. I need any advice I can get before my plumping is destroyed! Thanks for your help!

where do i start? water hammer has nothing to do with your water heater. it is usually caused by valves stopping the water suddenly. the hammer is actually the vibration caused by the water hitting the valve, hence "hammer". the problem is compounded by pipes that are not securely fastened and prevented from carrying the vibration along the piping system to the rest of your house. no qualified, trained and/or licenced plumber would use a flexible tubing in an application like you describe for the simple fact that it makes the problem worse. in order for an air chamber to be effective, it needs to be placed as close to the actual valve as possible...certainly not 15 feet away. i would recommend replacing the tubing with hard pipe and installing the air chambers at a "tee" fitting where the branch feeds the valve. additionally i would suggest securing the piping with some type of "j-hook" or using the plastic "pipe straps" with nails in them you can find at your local building supply or hardware store. normally air chambers are 12" for 1/2 pipe....8" inches for 3/4 pipe sounds unusual but should work if properly placed. you can also find smaller "mechanical" air chambers at the store that are more expensive but work well for tight spaces.

p.s. the "continuous while in use part" of your discription sound like the valve cartridge might need to be replaced and/or rebuilt, depending on type.

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