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Posted by Jim Riehl on September 04, 2002 at 02:05:30:
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: If the cold water to your tub is not turned on, will you still be able to get cold water by way of the hot water heater? Will hot be delivered first? And once the hot water heater is finished recovering, sould the cold inlet pipe feel real hot, almost hotter than the outlet pipe?

as to the first part of your question.....i'm confused. if the cold water to your tub is not turned won't get any water from it...cold or hot. if you get cold water by way of the water heater....your water heater is not working. now that that's cleared up....the answer to the rest of the question is easy.....water in your potable water system can migrate from the water heater in an "open" water system both in and out of the water heater. in other words as water is heated it water cools it contracts....etc and so on. if your heater goes on as the water heats it expands. if you don't have any hot water outlets open (ie. faucets, dishwasher, washing machine, etc.) the water will expand back through your water system, through your water meter and out into the public water system. so the answer is yes your cold water inlet pipe can get extremely hot because the heated water is expanding that way if you don't have a hot faucet open for it to go the other way.

p.s. are you really asking about a tub/shower mixing valve and can you get hot water from the cold side and vice versa? if it's a cartridge type valve and the valve is in backwards that can happen....along with other kinds of problems, too. :-)

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