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Posted by Jim Riehl on September 04, 2002 at 01:42:41:
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: There is a leak under my kitchen sink that occurs when the dish washer is draining or when youfill the sink with water and then drain it. I have determined where the leak is coming from. There is a hose that goes from my dish washer to the wall and there is a valve closest to the wall (it is a shut off valve from what I am told. The water leak is not coming from the hose or the valve but from the round plate that is between the valve and the wall. I can actually pull the valve and the plate comes away from the wall. Will sealing the plate back to the wall stop the leak and if so where is the water coming from inside the wall?

the water supply system in your house always has pressure on it. if your leak was in the water supply system it would leak continuously, not just when you are draining water. the discharge from your dishwaser is somehow piped into the drainage system. the water draining from your sink goes through the "basket strainer" and then into the dranage pipe system. somewhere these two drain systems connect. it would be most likely that your leak is at or somewhere downstream of where they join. normally a dishwasher (which uses a flexible hose for its discharge) is connected into the drainage system under your sink by using a "dishwasher tailpiece". if your dishwasher hose runs into the wall before it is connected to the drainage system, it is a very poorly designed setup, since you will now have to cut a hole in the wall to service it. maybe you are mistaken and you can re-examine the setup and find the true connection under the sink. for your information, the valve from the water supply system is called an "stop" and may be an "angle stop" or a "straight stop" depending on your set up. the "round plate" between the wall and the stop is an escutcheon and is used mostly for the sake of appearances, but some say is also a help in cutting down drafts and noises that may come from behind them.

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