High Pressure/releif valves - again?
Posted by Jim on September 03, 2002 at 17:43:35:
We replaced a 15 year old water heater 6 months ago. Things were fine until two weeks ago when the pressure relief valve released. I've checked the thermostat - turned the temps down and up etc. that is working just fine. The city did some hydrant/water repair in our street about the time this happened. The relief valve continued to release every few days so I replaced the pressure relief valve thinking a one time surge damaged it but then it happened again. The city denies having changed the pressure - but they are telling me my new pressure relief valve is faulty and at the same time telling me to install a pressure reducer. Seems to me that if my valve is faulty the reducer won't help and if my valve is ok - the pressure has changed and they are lying. My question is if my house pressure is at 80 psi - how would that trip a relief valve calibrated to 150 psi? How accurate are those valves? Are they "junk" as the city so eloquently told me? Is there a brand or type that is the best? I don't want to spend $200 + on a reducer if a $6 valve is my real problem.

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