Re: Mortar bed for jetted tub?
Posted by John on September 03, 2002 at 15:11:16:
In response to Re: Mortar bed for jetted tub?
: It's a wet mix. Both mortar and plaster set up very quickly. I like to have several piles that can squish down. If you try to do an even floor of it, the tub may not "set down" low enough. Terry

Thanks for the quick response. The "several piles" part makes sense. Should we just eyeball as far as how much to put down? Also, bottom of the tub has a couple of "feet" and some fiberglassed-over boards crisscrossing underneath (for support, I guess). Is the mortar supposed to fill in all underneath the tub and pretty much make support the entire bottom of the tub?

We've tried calling the technical support line at Whirlpool. They have a very nice voice mail system, but apparently no live bodies. :-)

BTW, what do you think of using some of the high density expanding foam instead of the mortar? I.e., put the bath in place, and then using the access panel opening to squirt the stuff underneath. Bad idea?

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