Kohler Faucet
Posted by Jack Leonard on September 02, 2002 at 18:32:20:

I've got a weird Kohler faucet in one of our bathrooms that I can't figure out. It's not like anything I've seen before, and I've bought repair parts but can't figure out how to install them properly. It's a little difficult to describe, but has a cylinder with a ceramic disk with a hole in the middle at one end. Along the outside of the cylinder and at the same end as this disk are and holes. Inside the cylinder is another cylinder with large threads. The valve stem goes into this second cylinder and moves it up and down along the grooves as the stem is turned. Apparently there's hot and cold versions that are different in the direction in which the grooves run.

If it helps, I bought a repair part that has a number 6N-2C.

The problem is that when I install it, I can't get the water to shut off. Original problem was that it got real difficult to turn. Now when I install it, the handle just keeps on turning, with no effect.



Jack Leonard

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