Re: Changing pipe size.
Posted by hj on September 02, 2002 at 08:56:08:
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You could have two different problems. First the baseboard sections normally use a hotter water temperature than cast iron radiators so you may need more than the usual amount of baseboard. Second, since you should have a Mono-flo system, the distance between the two tees to the radiator, may not be enough to create the resistance needed to induce flow through the baseboard, since the baseboard and its piping will have more flow resistance than the radiator did.

: The copper piping for the hot water heating system in my house is 1.25" dia. at the cast iron boiler reducing to 3/4" and a joint of 1/2" before the cast iron radiators (in both supply and return). There is a circulating pump in the return line. I want to change some of the rads to copper baseboard finned. They have 3/4" pipe. What will happen if I change the 1/2" joints to 3/4? Will I need to do anything other than change the rads and short sections of pipe?

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