Briggs Toilet repair
Posted by Todd Rockwell on September 01, 2002 at 13:44:22:
I have 2 Briggs toilets (with the number "119" stamped inside the tank) in our 2 year old house. The plastic arm from the flush handle broke on both of them, and I replaced them with metal handles and arm. Now the overflow tube in one of them broke off right at the base. At first I thought it was a leaky flap valve, and I replaced that. But, somehow, the tube was cracked right at the base and when I gave it a little twist it just broke off.

Replacing flap valves, floats, flush handles and arms is no problem, but can you tell me how tough a job it might be to replace the overflow tube on one of these toilets, and where can I find a description on how to do it? I'm 76 years old now and standing on my head to unloosen screws or some such on the bottom of a toilet tank is a bit beyond my abilities any more. Perhaps I should just call a plumber?

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