Re: 1933 shower faucet drips
Posted by hj on September 01, 2002 at 09:44:56:
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You might consider calling a plumber to do it. Valves in that era seldom had removable seats, so if your seats are bad, the plumber may have to regrind them or install removable ones. Some of them had the seats in the bonnet and you removed the whole piece, while in others the stem unscrews from the faucet after you remove the packing nut. If you cannot determine which you have you may damage the faucet.

: I have an old house (1933) and the hot and cold taps in the shower is leaking. They are the style that go directly into the wall. I have removed the star shaped handles and the dome shaped decorative cover but cannot get at the washer. How do I remove the unit?? I have, so far, avoided excessive force.

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