American Standard Cadet PA does not clean bowl well.
Posted by Phil on August 31, 2002 at 20:48:35:
Terry, I am in the process of redoing my bathroom. I did find your page very helpful. In fact my first choice for a toilet was going to be the toto ultramax. I just was not thrilled with the styling of the toto. I ended up buying an american standard cadet PA. with the sloan flushmate in the tank. I installed the toilet and everything was fine. Until I realized the toilet has an internal leak and the bowl would lose all water after half an hour. I have not replaced the bowl as I am waiting for home depot to get some more in. Today I also found that this toilet may flush the waste ok but it does a lousy job of cleaning the bowl. I have to flush it once ,then clean the bowl with a brush and then flush again. The waste seems to stick to the bowl. I noticed that the water level in the bowl is very low . even though the water will eventually leak out because of the problem it still has a low water level right after I flush and the tank fills up. Can you recomend a toilet that has a decent water level in the bowl. It seems to me that even if I replace this bowl it will still have a problem with waste sticking to the toilet as the water level in the bowl is so low. The flushmate does a good job of getting the bulk of the waste out of the toilet without clogging but if I have to clean the toilet each time and flush twice what good is it. Any thoughts?

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