Re: Washer overflows waste piping
Posted by ClogCleaner on August 31, 2002 at 00:47:12:
In response to Re: Washer overflows waste piping

It sounds like to me that your drain still could be clogged up. I know you say you snaked it, but did you use an electric drain machine?Did you snake it from the roof vent or the 2"clean-out?Is the wood/wall damaged from the previous overflows from the previous homeowners?Did it "ever" drain properly with them?..........many questions need to be answered before I/We give you a propriate answer for your problem. if all else fails, you can buy a reducer at any home improvement establishment. A reduceris a pipe about 6-8 inches long that goes inside the rubber "U" shaped hose that goes into the wall drain. You put it into the"U" shaped hose, and then put a couple of hose clamps on it. This will restrict the water from exiting the drain-hose so fast into the wal drain, and cure your overflow problem.


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