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Posted by Gary Swart on August 29, 2002 at 15:13:53:
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: I had a slab leak repaired on my home about 6 months ago and now it is back in several places. No water is coming up through the floor but there are two very hot spots along the water line. Our entire floor was replaced after the repair of the first and I don't want to go through that again. The insurance company also put a rider on our policy stating slab leaks would no longer be covered.

: I need to know what is involved in routing the line through our attic, what type of line should be used (copper, pvc, etc.) and should the line only be routed from the water heater to the nearest bathroom.

: Thank you,
: Amy

Basically, what you would have to do is put a tee in the main water line with on side going to the water heater and run the other into the attic. The output from the water heater would the also have to be routed into the attic. All fixture supply lines would have to be routed into the attic also. This would involve removing and replacing wall covering and notching the studs to accomodate the pipes. Lots of work! If I were doing it, I'd use copper. You'd want to be sure the pipes would freeze in the attic, if you have mega insulation in the attic, it could happen in a cold winter.

You might consider putting the pipes in the walls, still lots of work and you'd have to remove wall covering, but lots easier to reach the fixures.

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