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Posted by Kathy on August 29, 2002 at 13:05:34:
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My family built a new home in 1999 and we used Kohler toilets on the advice of our bathroom designer. We have had
nothing but clogged toilets ever since. We've been snaked, and examined and have switched to single ply Scott's toilet paper,
with no improvement. We flush twice, and we hold the handle down for extra water time and still we clog 50% of the time. I
called Kohler today to question them about this problem and to ask about the Ingenium System. Apparently, Kohler's answer
to this exact problem. I contended that it was poor design back in 1999 that was causing my problems and that Kohler
rectified that by introducing the Ingenium Flushing System in their toilets in 2001. The tech at Kohler proceeded to tell me that
the Ingenium System was in their toilets back in 1999, even though the company didn't publicly launch this technology until
2001. He told me the model toilets I have in my home have their latest technology. He basically said, "Sorry, your outta luck
in your beef with clogging". He advised me to replace the bowl on one of my toilets as an experiment to see if it helped relieve
the problem. If my toilet has the "latest technology" how should replacing the bowl help? P.O.'d by this point, I asked, "If the
problem is alleviated by replacing the bowl, does that mean that they are defective?" He said there would be no way to tell
without smashing the bowl and even then it would be almost impossible to tell. What is your opinion on this?

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