Shower mess
Posted by JoAnne on August 29, 2002 at 08:58:44:
Bought our home (built in 1980) about 8 months ago. Basement is carpeted, paneling on walls. Bathroom in basement: sink, toliet, standup shower. Yesterday, my son told me he went into the bathroom and was going to take a shower. opened the door and saw a bunch of what he described as chopped up smelly garbage gunk all in the bottom of the shower stall and the floor to the right of the shower was all water. The cabinet under the sink was dry, it was dry by the toilet the other side of the wall is the laundry room and that was dry. The dog can�t get downstairs with the door shut, can�t blame her. It didn�t rain. The only water things happening the day before were, I was doing laundry and we were backwashing out pool to drain it down. I do notice when dooing laundry and the washer is empting out water into the laundry tub, you can hear the toilet in the next room girgle. And behind the washer and dryer about 2 feet in the floor is dirty. Any guesses as to what is going on?

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