Re: dual well pumps
Posted by Paul W on August 28, 2002 at 09:50:18:
In response to Re: dual well pumps

I got the impression Rick was talking about shallow well pumps as he spoke of a check valve on the suction side. Seems to me that you could be asking for trouble trying to get two pumps pulling from the same drop, what do you think?


: You have to install each pump as if it were the only one in the well. If you are using plastic drop pipes on submersible pumps you have to make sure that the starting torque of the pumps does not cause them to braid themselves together.

: : I am going to install two well pumps (separate systems) on the same well. these pumps may or may not run at the same time. My question is : do I need check valves on the suction of each pump, and if so, what type do you recommend?

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