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Posted by hj on August 28, 2002 at 00:59:57:
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Vent-a Way did not refer to not needing a vent. It referred to the toilet acting similar to a vent fan to remove odors, but since few users knew how to activate the feature as you and the previous owner proved, then it was often just an expensive feature that was never used. All toilets need vents to work properly. Your toilet just need a good plumber who knows how to service the American Standard line and understands their ideosyncrasies.

: We have 30+ year old American Standard wall hung toilet. It is called a "vent a way", which I believe means the toilet is not supposed to be vented. It was installed on a vented system. We just bought the house and I hear from the previous plumber that the toilet never flushed very well. Water swirls, but sometimes does and sometimes does not flush out of the tank. Bucket of water drains from the toilet. Snake reveals no blockage, vent clear, CLR used in tank and vent holes recently brushed to make sure all open. Blocked vent-a-way hole with rubber stopper to see if it would fluch better, and it did not. Plumber has suggested either new wall hung toilet or conversion to floor mounted toilet. We have concrete slab and concrete wall and both are expensive. Does anyone know better solution? If new wall hung toilet will flush well, I'd like to try, but if old one never did, I hate to spend money to still not flush well. Anyone have any advice? Considering American Standard Glenwall 2093.100 wall mounted with sloan flush valve. Will this work on a system that has a vent in it through the roof? Is this a great flushing toilet? Any better than this?

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