Question on sewer pipes.
Posted by David Allen on August 27, 2002 at 22:36:21:
I wonder if someone can help me.

I have a toilet that sits on a concrete floor, and I want to put a shower and a sink next to it. Breaking concrete to put new sewer pipes under it is pretty much out of the question because of other steel and pipe that is under the concrete (I don't know what exactly they were for�I only know they are there�some sort of manufacturing).

I�m thinking of building a platform a few inches high and putting the toilet on top of that. Then, my drain from my shower can tap into the new, short, vertical piece of sewer pipe under the toilet.

I ask because it seems to me that these drain pipes always go vertical from each unit, straight down to a horizontal.

I�m wondering if this somehow interferes with proper drainage?

And what would happen if you ever had to use a plunger on the toilet, or the shower or sink?

Is this legal? I know different places have different codes; I'm just looking for some feedback before I have to delve into that.


David Allen

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