Q: WaxGasketInstall = onto bowl first OR onto flange first???
Posted by Kenner on August 27, 2002 at 21:19:13:
hi .... this is a Great site!

Question about instlling the Wax Gasket for a
replacement toilet / Toto Ultimate.

Is the Wax Seal supposed to be pressed onto the
toilet's exit rim first and then *somehow* moved into
position on top of the flange??? OR can I first put
the wax seal onto the flange and then lower the
toilet onto the waxseal/flange???

I've just tried it myself with wax on toilet's exit
rim first, but i think it fell off at the last_second
of positioning .... it leaked during testing and when
i removed the toilet i saw how the wax seal had
probably come off and landed askew.

Any hints???

any info would be appreciated!!!
(luckily i have another w.c. that's functional!!!!)


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