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Posted by MKM on August 27, 2002 at 17:14:14:
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I am in Tucson and I am learning more and more each day. I have a flat tar build up roof. so they said I can even go copper on the roof and insulate it. My reference to going overhead is wrong. I think they were refering to the hot water heater relief valve. Oops
My inshurance company is not wanting to pay for any of the repair. So this is slowing things down, except for showers with only cold water those are fast! Thanks MKM

: Which part of AZ are you in? Around here that is about the only way PEX and CPVC is installed.

: : Thanks for the response. I was wondering between PEX and CPVC? I am checking with the codes, but I have been told here in AZ I can not go overhead. I will find out. CPVC glues together, correct? How are the fittings attached with PEX? Do they have fittings for either to attach to the existing galvinized plumbing?

: : : Copper or PEX plastic are the two most common materials. It would be difficult to install the new piping under the concrete without making a lot of holes. The repiping is normally done with the new pipes overhead in the attic.

: : : : I have a home built in the 50's. I have a major slab leak(hot water). It is all galvinized and is in horrible condition. What is the most widely used and recomended material used to replace galvinized pipes? I have gained access to the plumbing through holes jackhammered in the slab. Thanks MKM

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