Re: water softner and potassium chloride
Posted by R.Reed on August 27, 2002 at 16:23:39:
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: Test the water in the septic tank for ph. If its higher than 8 its too high, if its lower than 6 its too acid, for normal breeding of aerobic and also anerobic bacteria in the septic tank. In that case check the sludge and scum in the bottom of the primary and secondary compartment. If there's four inches in the primary and zero in the secondary, you're okay for two years. Pump it then.

: : Can anyone tell me if potassium chloride from from my water softner is hurting my septic system. I have a mound system.

Have not run any tests on septic tank content or levels, but have used potassium chloride almost two years with no apparent problems with an in ground tenk or its drainfield

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