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Posted by hj on August 27, 2002 at 09:03:29:
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The washer also needs a drain and cold water. Where are you getting those from? That price could be low given that it is in the LA area.
: I live in a guest house (Los Angeles suburb). It may be basic work, but then a Chevrolet is a basic car and it still costs a lot.

and am getting bids for waher/dryer hookups. This involves an extension of the gas line (about 12 feet) and meetin gup with the hot water (accessible from a crawl space under the house that's about 15 feet from the W/D destination). Lastly, a level surface needs to be created, such as concrete (assuming this can be bought pre-fab vs. laid). I'm being told $400-$500. This seems high (isn't this pretty basic work in the plumbing world?), but I have no idea of a range. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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