ground hydrant
Posted by Dan on August 27, 2002 at 07:27:46:
Your advice to me was excellent and I purchased a a ground hydrant from However, the
hydrant comes with a 1/4" tap in the bottom side that is described as a place to put an optional 1/8"
bleeder. I want to just hook this up and bury it without putting anything in that tapped spot but I'm afraid
that when I turn on the water, it will shoot out of there (underground) lessening the pressure out of the
spout. Is that correct or will water only drain out of that tapped hole when I shut the water off. Should
I put a 1/4" plug in it? If I do, will water not drain out and thus allow freezing in the above-ground part?
Sorry to ramble but the real question is "What the heck do I do with that 1/4" tapped hole?" Thanks
for all of your help.

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