Re: No water from water heater
Posted by OL on August 26, 2002 at 10:23:57:
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I checked the wiring at the heater and see no sign of over heat. The wire is not aluminum. The tank is full and I can hear it heating. I have connected the hot and cold water in the utility room and opened the drain. I get a small stream from the drain and a full flow if I open a faucet.
When I turn the water off in the utility (warsher connections) I get no water anyplace in the house.


: There are several places that a fire can start but not continue. The first place to look is in the junction box on top of the water heater. If you have aluminum house wiring to the heater, or the connections were loose those wires could have melted.

: : Last night my wife woke me and said something was burning that smelled like plastic.

: : I checked through out the house but never determined the source of the odder which went away rather quick.

: : Today we have no water at any hot faucet anywhere in the house. Is there anything in the water heater that would melt and block the outlet?

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