Re: Do any water saver toilets save you money???
Posted by Terry Love on August 26, 2002 at 00:44:13:
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: most of the people i know that have 'water-saver' toilet tanks say that the usually have to flush the toilet two or three times (especially after a bowel movement). I am also experiencing this problem. I've changed the flapper for a better one but that has not helped.

: In the long run, do you still save money with a water saver tank? Are some brands better than others? thanks

There is quite a bit you can save with a water saving toilet. I list models that perform well on my report.
Rather than buying the cheapest model, consider spending enough to get into the high performance range.
You wouldn't compare the old air cooled beetles to a new Lexus. Your expectations would be very different. It's the same with anything.

Seattle has very expensive water.
It's easy to see the savings on the water bill.

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