Re: replacing galvinized pipes
Posted by MKM on August 25, 2002 at 13:29:30:
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Thanks for the response. I was wondering between PEX and CPVC? I am checking with the codes, but I have been told here in AZ I can not go overhead. I will find out. CPVC glues together, correct? How are the fittings attached with PEX? Do they have fittings for either to attach to the existing galvinized plumbing?

: Copper or PEX plastic are the two most common materials. It would be difficult to install the new piping under the concrete without making a lot of holes. The repiping is normally done with the new pipes overhead in the attic.

: : I have a home built in the 50's. I have a major slab leak(hot water). It is all galvinized and is in horrible condition. What is the most widely used and recomended material used to replace galvinized pipes? I have gained access to the plumbing through holes jackhammered in the slab. Thanks MKM

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