Re: Damsel in distress!!!
Posted by Jennifer on August 25, 2002 at 12:23:27:
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: : HELP!!! My hot water heater isn't heating. Yesterday the water got super hot and today it's not heating at all. I have tried pressing the re-set button to no avail. Could it be the element? I need help trouble shooting.
: : Thanks.

: There are two elements and two thermostats.
: If there is no hot water, I would gues it to be either the top element or thermostat.
: If you had luke warm water, or very little, I would be looking at the lower ones.
: They make testers to see if the element has continuity. Gee, did I spell that right?

So I could go to Home Depot or my local hardware store and get a tester? How much are they? Then the next question is how in the heck do I do all of this w/out spending a fortune?

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