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Posted by Bill on August 22, 2002 at 20:51:11:
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: I live in Florida. The problem I'm having is rain water standing next to the foundation of one of my rooms. I'm considering a dry well where the downspout is. How deep down should I go and how should I construct it... This is new to me, but i'm tired of my room half flooding.

: Your help would be great

Use an extra large plastic garbage can with bottom cut out and drill 2" holes 6" on center on can sides. Dig hole 10% bigger and deeper than can. Dig as far away from house as you can and still collect water. Place can on bottom of hole. Simulateously fill can with 1" to 2" gravel while backfilling outer hole with soil. Fill no more than 4" to 6" between compacting. When can is full of gravel switch to more atractive stones or marble chips. Leaving stones as the visual finish of the drywell insures good drainage, is easier to maintain and can be used as a landscape focus with a birdbath, statue or some potted plants.

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