Re: pipe noise as washer turns on
Posted by david on August 22, 2002 at 12:30:59:
In response to Re: pipe noise as washer turns on
: I've read posts about the water hammer noise as an
: appliance or faucet is turned off, but I'm having a
: similar problem when the clothes washer turns on.
: As the water is turned on, there is a loud bang coming
: from the pipes in the wall. The noise sounds like it
: is at/near the water heater (which is near the washer).
: The noise does NOT happen when the dishwaher turns on,
: or if a faucet is turned on. What is the cause? How
: to fix it?
: Thanks.

There is a soleniod valve on the washing machine that closes fast and har creating a shockwave in the pipes. There are devices available to elivate this. The absorb the shock.

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