Re: Ventless fireplaces
Posted by Valeriy LEontyev on August 19, 2002 at 22:00:48:
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: I have had a couple of ventless and have never had a problem with fumes. However, they do require a burn in period, several hours, during which they will put off an odor. Also, if anything touches the flame it will give off carbon, not a good thing. Are you sure they are ventless and for the right type of gas?

: : Have new house w/2 ventless fireplaces
: : Cannot use - fumes too strong
: : Any suggestions??

You mentioned - " the right type of gas".
How can I check it out?
I used it about 20 hours total to go through its burning period. The odor is still present.
Does anyone know what to do?
The new home is still under waranty.
Shell I talk to the builder?

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