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Posted by David on August 19, 2002 at 19:49:19:
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: After recently viewing "This old House" on puplic TV, we decided to install
: flexable plumbing in our second home upstair bathroom in Maine. We were
: surfing the net to get additional info on product, local distributers, etc.
: Then we came across the nightmareabout this product used in the 80's. This
: is a vacation home used on weekends. We blowthe pipes when we leave in the
: winter. Has this product change and will it do the job for us. Were in
: Massachusetts or Maine can we purchase product. Were can we get updated
: information. Thank you for your reply.
: Elaine Farmer

The PEX pipe is completely differnet then the Polybutelyne pipe that had problems. The molecules in PEX pipe have been cross linked to help avoid problems. Cross linking the molecules help prevent the pipe from breaking down over time. Its a whole different pipe. The pipe has been being used in Europe for a lot longer then we have had it here in USA. the pipe walls are a lot thicker then the polybutelyne

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