Re: Older Septic Tank and Garbage Disposal
Posted by dave on August 19, 2002 at 19:42:19:
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: There are a total of 4 units in our condo complex,2 with disposals and 2 without.Recently we had a problem with our sink backing up when the upstairs condo used her sink or dishwasher and garbage disposal.Also a pipe broke.The plumber said that a garbage disposal should not be used.Could you tell me if these 2 units are causing problems for us who do not have a garbage disposal. And could their continued use do damage to the septic system? I'm not sure if you can
help me as I'm not too good on the computer but I could use some help! Thank you very much
If your complex septic system is sized for washing machine, or dishwasher, then it sbe able to handle a disposer. If in doubt In Sink Erator make a disposer specifcally designed for septic systems. See the link I left

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