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Posted by dave on August 19, 2002 at 19:36:39:
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: My Bradford White 40 Gal. indirect water heater has developed a leak at the junction of the heater loop attachment fitting. The leak is from a small diameter hole which is to be drilled into the side of the fitting and is ordinarily concealed by the insulation material.

: The contractor who installed the system three years ago advises the tank is out of the warrenty period and will have to be replaced because parts are not available.

: Is there a servicable seal inside the fitting? What is the purpoae of the hole?

: Any help will be appreciated.

: Wayne Stinson

The hole is a weep hole in case the coil fails. So if the coil fails intead of cross contaminating with the potable the leak is carried up the coil by two monofiloment lengths and weeps out of those ports. If I understand you right the water heater is 3 years old. Or installed three years ago. BWC indirect fired water heaters have a 10 year warranty on the tank, and a 6 year parts warranty on anything made after July of 1998. Labor is only covered in the first year, but replacement parts, or tank sbe available under warranty. I think that coil falls under the tank warranty. I would suggest having your model and serial number at hand and call 800 334 3393. This is BWC tech support. Explain you situation to the tech, and ask him if its covered under warranty.

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