Re: Older Septic Tank and Garbage Disposal
Posted by hj on August 18, 2002 at 20:02:27:
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YOu had an "anti disposer" plumber. There is no problem using the disposers and the drain problem is common to all systems whether they have disposers or not. In fact, since a disposer is a pump, it can sometimes keep the drain a little cleaner, assuming it is run a minute or so after the waste is shredded and disposed of.

: There are a total of 4 units in our condo complex,2 with disposals and 2 without.Recently we had a problem with our sink backing up when the upstairs condo used her sink or dishwasher and garbage disposal.Also a pipe broke.The plumber said that a garbage disposal should not be used.Could you tell me if these 2 units are causing problems for us who do not have a garbage disposal. And could their continued use do damage to the septic system? I'm not sure if you can help me as I'm not too good on the computer but I could use some help! Thank you very much

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