Re: How can I fix our Gerber Flushmates?
Posted by hj on August 18, 2002 at 20:00:02:
In response to Re: How can I fix our Gerber Flushmates?
If it is actually a problem with the way the parts were installed, maybe you should pay about twice that and have a plumber install them correctly.

: A few years ago we bought 3 handicapped models of Gerber Flushmate toilets because we wanted
: toilets that wouldn't clog so easily, yet would still be low water users.

: When they work, these toilets are great, and never clog, but unfortunately they had problems from
: the start, with making loud honking noises when you flush them, and having to try 2-3 times to get them
: to flush right.

: So we contacted Gerber and they said that some parts kits needed to be added & they would send
: them to us at no charge. We had a handyman install them. Now one of the toilets is working fine and the
: other two are doing the honking and hard flushes again.

: Is there any kind of repair manual I can get, that will show me how to keep these toilets in repair?
: We can't afford to keep paying a handyman at $35 an hour, to repair these all the time.

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